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Enabling Programmes

Transformation and innovation that spans across functional areas, business units and countries can be complex and difficult. To facilitate this transformation and innovation development journey, we have several enabling programmes to train, consult and support these change activities:

This consultancy is conducted by experienced industry advisor to identify current challenges and future vision, operations review and assessment, formulate new strategy, redesign model and process, requirement development, programme and change management.


This workshop allows organizations to acquire knowledge and skills for business model innovation, operations model and simplification, IT strategy and architecture. Key benefits of using this workshop approach include:

Gain knowledge on market practices, innovations and trends, transformation methodology and process

Participate in learning and project activities relating to your organization

Understand the process on how solution is developed, validated and approved

Can use PIC scheme for workshop


This is a contract-based support service to provide continual support to organizations to transform and innovate business model, operations model and simplification, IT strategy and architecture.